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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sucks!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sucks!

Chronic Fatigue Sucks! Your energy is in the dumps and sleeping doesn’t have the same effect. Your mood is but few doctors can tell you why you have it or how to get rid оf it. Until now.

Chronic Fatigue is a symptom оf a depleted body. 

Your hormones, the ones that drive your metabolic rate, stimulate your alertness and give capacity to handle stress, are toast. Completely flatlined. Your body has body has been under attack for a long time, and can you can no longer rally the troops (your hormones) to meet the basic challenges оf daily life.  

How did this happen? 

Perhaps too many late nights, those extra hours on the job or school or like many оf us, trying to juggle both obligations at once. Having a recent child, taking on a new job, a longer commute, stressful relationships, challenging living conditions, opening a new restaurant? Any one оf these is stressful enough, add more on your plate.

Truth is your nervous system is maxed out. 

Our nervous system is built to for short term sprinting and the occasional marathon. As long as we get enough recuperation between these events we can carry on in this manner for a lifetime. 

Recuperation means completely charging our bodies with both sleep and proper nutrition. This nutrition requirements have become increasingly harder to manage in the last 50 years. Processed foods offer little to no nutritional value. When we subsist solely on these processed foods we put ourselves at risk for nutritional deficiencies. 

“People are digging their own graves, with their knives and forks” Dr Lee


Are you TOXIC? 

Furthermore, our environment is awash in toxic chemicals and heavy metals. It is estimated that anyone оf us may harbor more than 100 environmental chemicals in our blood, bone, fat, and brain. A mix оf heavy metals, pesticides and nasty halogens like chlorine, bromine, and fluoride. Yeah, that is going to slow your system down. These chemicals assault your cell walls, and receptors, causing massive oxidation and cell destruction. This destruction leads to inflammation and puts your immune system on alert. The metals and halogens can even block out valuable minerals your body needs, like magnesium and zinc.  OUCH! Our liver, gut, brain, and our immunity take the brunt оf the assault. 

CSF patients often have chronic low-grade inflammation, and having low levels of оf zinc, iodine minerals that help fight infection and help our tissues to heal. Your vitamins D and C levels are probably also tanked. 

Knowing who you can trust with these conditions can often be difficult. Your MD solution is to medicate. 

How reliable are pharmaceutical medications? 

“ 85% оf medicine is not supported by scientific research” Dr. Eddy, Stanford Mathematician 

If a drug study pays for the research, 89% оf the time, the scientists will find positive things to say about the drug or say nothing at all. "Yeah your drug is awesome”

Many оf his friends are out оf work, they told the truth. 

All medical doctors must follow the standard оf practice, is it ethical?  
What is Standard of Practice? 

“We are feeding poison while trying to correct the reactions of starvation.” Dr. Lee

What you might really need is a different approach. 

The Natural Path

In my office, I take the natural path and use both the Functional Medicine approach to diagnosis and the phytotherapeutic approach for treatment. 

I start with an extensive questioning process that helps to quickly identify your bodies systems that are the most compromised. I then administer several in-office tests that measure your nervous system and status оf several important minerals. 

In your first visit, we can identify your areas оf major weakness, 

and begin to target them with the appropriate protocols. 

“For every human illness somewhere there exists a plant with the cure” Steiner


Treatment costs:

This first visit is 45 minutes and costs $150

You will have several formulas recommended that you will need to take over the first month. 

You receive 20% off any supplements purchased at the first visit. 

Subsequent visits are either 15-25 minute visits and are 55-95 dollars.

Each оf these visits may include chiropractic if time permits. 

I am now accepting Medi-Cal and Medicare. Click "book an appointment" above to schedule your visit.

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