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Is Your Posture Killing You?

Good posture is all about displaying that graceful curve of the back but most people tend to lose good posture once they get older due to bad habits like slouching can lead to muscle tension and fatigue. Posture is very important because it holds the body together. There are two types of posture and these include static and dynamic.  The former refers to posture while remaining still while dynamic posture refers to posture while in movement. 

Posture is a combination of both flexibility of the muscles and balanced strength. With proper posture, it allows people to stand, sit or walk in a graceful manner. It is important for each one to do conscious activation of the muscles involved in good posture for better health.

Negative Effects Of Poor Posture
Posture is very important because it provides support to the entire body to maintain homeostasis. However, a poor posture can lead to a lot of detrimental health problems. Below are the negative effects of poor posture to the body:

Spinal curvature:  Spinal curvature is one of the most serious problems caused by poor posture.  When a person exhibits bad posture, the spine experiences immense pressure that slowly influences its shape. Once the shape of the spine has changed, it can compromise its function.

Vertebral subluxation:  This is related to the spinal curve or when the vertebrae are misaligned from the spine. Vertebral subluxation can lead to health problems such as irritation on the spinal nerves.

Sore muscles: One of the most effects of poor posture is sore muscles. When an individual slouches, the muscles end up working harder in order to stabilize and protect the spine. The extra work that the muscles do causes both fatigue and tightness which, in turn, can lead to chronic musculoskeletal issues mentioned earlier.

negative effects of poor posture
Constriction on the blood vessels: poor posture can lead to problems related to blood flow. Constriction of the blood vessel is possible particularly those located around the spine. Once the blood flow has been cut off or is constricted, it can lead to the deficiency of oxygen supply on the cells. This can lead to the formation of clots or deep vein thrombosis on areas that have constricted blood vessels.

Nerve constriction: Nerve constriction is another common yet detrimental effect on the body. When the spine changes it shapes due to bad posture, it causes constriction on the spine thus it results in pinched nerves that can cause neck as well as back pain.

Reduced Lung Function: Having a bad posture can affect the capacity of the lungs by as much as 30%. This happens because the weight of the back is forced on the internal organs. When the lung capacity is reduced, this results in the efficient supply of oxygen to all parts of the body including the heart and the brain which can lead to vascular and neural diseases.

Stomach pains: The proper functioning of the stomach also relies on proper posture. The process of peristaltic movement pushes the food through the intestines and it relies on good posture. However, a bad posture can put a strain on the stomach thus the gastrointestinal system cannot function properly leading to stomach pains.

Overall, good posture is very important in maintaining the proper functioning of the body. This is the reason why it is so important for people to do stretching exercises in order to maintain strong muscles necessary for good posture.

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