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The Cause of All Disease: Deficiency and Toxicity

Today I asked myself, what are the biggest threats to our health, and two basic concepts come to mind: deficiency and toxicity. It really is that simple, deficiency and toxicity. Which are you? The answer is most likely both.

Good Health is the impeccable coordination of each system of the body: cardio, neurological, digestive, musculoskeletal, endocrine, etc. All cells and organs need adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals daily. Are you getting all of the nutrients you need?  How would you know?  By utilizing several testing procedures,

I have found that myself and others are deficient in the most basic minerals.

Minerals are the spark plugs of life. The earth, soil and ourselves are made from minerals. The human body requires 24 of these energy charged minerals to run basic functions of the body. However, our soil and likewise the foods we eat have been depleted in many of these minerals for more than a 100 years. Each deficiency stress’s the body and lead to disease. Let’s look at some examples:

Thyroid Deficiency:  Each system in our body relies on adequate amounts of minerals to function properly. Our thyroid, for instance, produces a hormone known as T4, and the 4 stands for 4 iodine. Who knew? Next T4 needs to be broken down into T3 and the mineral selenium is responsible for this conversion. Yet when I test people for iodine and selenium sufficiency, many are deficient. 20 million people in the US have thyroid issues, yet only a fraction are ever measured for these basic minerals. Why is that? Minerals can not be copyrighted by pharmaceutical companies, but drugs can.

ZInc Deficiency:  ZInc is required daily: 300 enzymes and about 3000 proteins in the require zinc. When I test for zinc, many fail. Zinc is crucial for healthy growth, DNA / protein synthesis, digestion, skin, prostate, reproductive health, immunity, wound healing, is antiinflammatory and builds testosterone. Zinc loss in sweating athletes, causes fatigue.

Stiff muscles? Water deficiency or dehydration is often the culprit. Between each layer of muscle cells is a interstitial space that fills water cushioning the fibers from each other. In times of dehydration this void only fills with sticky waste, leaving your muscles feeling stiff, tired and sore. No amount of coffee, soda or ibuprofen can help this! Deficiencies of any kind can impact your health and performance. Next let’s examine how toxicity is impacting our health.

Liver Toxicity: skin issues, mood swings and weight gain

Our environment and food is loaded with toxins. Heavy metals, pesticides, GMO’s, etc.  Did you know that your liver is tasked with processing each of these toxins? The higher your toxic load, the greater the burden. When the liver reaches capacity, function suffers. Symptoms of a Sluggish / Congested Liver include: brain fog, rib pain, fullness, dizziness, headaches, cramping, joint or tendon problems, menstrual problems, blurry vision, digestive disorders, weight gain, bad breath and a white tongue.

Weight gain, indigestion, heartburn and nutrient deficiency

The liver produces bile which digests fats and absorbs fat soluble vitamins:  A, D, E,  K, and also B12 and iron. A sluggish can’t liver produce enough bile to digest fats, so indigestion, heartburn and sticky stool occur. Recycled toxins put back into blood are then sequestered into your body fat! An advantage of a detox is watching the pounds begin to drop.

Heavy Metal Burden:  Heavy metals, a huge source of toxicity, leach into your mouth from dental work, contaminated foods, containers and cookware and bind to critical sites, affecting the nervous system, brain, cardio, digestion, liver and can cause cancer.

Heavy Metal Detection and Hair Analysis

Your hair is a blueprint of your mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. 21 mineral and metal concentrations are examined allowing us to design a personalized approach that addresses your individual needs.  


Call for a Hair Mineral / Metal analysis.

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