Is your Brain Under Pressure? The latest research & Fixing Migraines

Is your Brain Under Pressure? The latest research & Fixing Migraines

Migraines, MRI Research, and Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Rosa, an Upper Cervical Chiropractor from New York, has conducted MRI research of whiplash brain trauma and how that affects brain positioning within the skull. Along with Dr. Raymond Damadian MD the inventor of the MRI, their research has shown that in many of these cases, the top vertebra of the neck, the Atlas or C1, has been subluxated or twisted out of alignment. Dr. Rosa and Dr. Damadian MRI images demonstrate how this Atlas misalignment “causes a pull on the brain and brainstem”. This pull on the brain causes a blockage of CSF, cerebral spinal fluid, the fluid that your brain and spinal cord are bathed in, as well as blocking blood to and from the brain. The CSF lubricates the brain and spinal cord and these blockages cause stress and decrease the flow of nutrients to the brain.

An obstruction is created when your the first neck vertebrae becomes misaligned with the head.. Look at your self in the mirror, if your head tilts to one side, you may have this. This malalignment causes a backup of CSF cerebralspinal fluid. When the CSF circulation pattern is blocked it has been demonstrated that their is an increased intracranial pressure, putting your brain is under undue pressure. This is now thought to not only create migraines but also be a contributor to multiple sclerosis, and more. When this misalignment was corrected by an upper cervical procedure, the Atlas adjustment, the studies demonstrate an immediate decrease in pressure by 28.6%, allowing the CSF flow to return to normal.

This research is consistent with the findings of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. Using MRIs in migraine patients they observed changes in blood flow in the vertebral artery, Atlas misalignment.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to meet with Dr Rosa in San Jose CA and to view his research first hand. Dr. Rosa then presented MRI imaging of pre and post a chiropractic atlas adjustment that demonstrated the immediate the effect on brain placement. An adjustment of the atlas was shown to resolve the maligned tension and pull on the brain and brainstem! A single adjustment began to the unwind chronic patterns of brain trauma! The patient’s reported that they felt much better post atlas adjustment. These finding prompted Dr. Damadian to state that adjusting the atlas (C1) is a missing link in health care.


Chiropractors have always had great success with headache and migraine sufferers, and now Dr Rosa’s research has clearly demonstrated the physiology and connection between brain trauma, migraines, and exactly how the chiropractic adjustment is alleviating this condition and changing people's lives. Call today so we can get your head back on straight!

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