HOT FLASHES GONE! I went to see Dr. Craig for a 3 day headache. My headache was gone instantly and much to my surprise the hot flashes that I was having every night for 2 months also disappeared and they haven't come back in 3 months. 2 years ago I fell on black ice and got a wicked whiplash. After the accident I saw 2 other chiropractors, an acupuncturist and had a ton of extraordinary bodywork . The stress and tension never really left. After 5 visits with Dr. C my neck and body feel free as I did prior to the accident. I have more flexibility, strength and ease and it seems as if all the pathways of communication are open from my head to my body. Last night after my visit I danced for 2 hours on the beach and only stopped because my feet got cold. The difference with Dr C is that he does deep tissue work before the adjustment so that the adjustments are easier and hold longer. I like that Dr Craig always answers his phone and accommodates my schedule with last minute appts and extended hours. Hayward, CA

Nov 18, 2011 - Gina

I started seeing Dr. Craig for my migraine headaches and symptoms related to Fibromyalgia. I saw an improvement after only the first visit. Since I've been going back, I've gotten better and better. He's got a great bedside manner, and is easy to talk to. I recommend him highly!

Nov 18, 2011 - Jeff

This guy is amazing.  I have been seeing chiropractors since a car accident about 11 years ago, and thought that they were extremely helpful.  Now I understand that chiropractic care can be even more healing than I ever thought previously.  He takes the time to really discern what is going on with my body and skillfully adjusts me.  I was suffering headaches, and he has literally gotten my head back on straight.  Thank goodness for Dr. Craig! 

Jan 28, 2012 - Rashid

Dr. Craig is seriously a miracle worker. My story begins with a diagnosis of Eustachian tube dysfunction from flying home on a plane from Italy with a sinus infection. When I got home I had serious problems with regulating pressure in my ears and more pressure just kept on building in my head. The ENT doctors put me on three rounds of antibiotics and made me use steroid nasal spray and decongestants for months. They said I will never be able to fly again without putting tubes in my ears and I will always have to be using nasal steroid sprays for the rest of my life. I recently had been in a car accident at the end of March 2016 and after the accident more pressure just kept on building in my head to the point of where I could no longer sleep and I had full blown anxiety and panic attacks. It was like the pressure was blocking my head from sleeping. I felt a loud pop in the back of my head when I was driving up the mountains one day. The constant crackling and plugging of ears and head pressure drove me crazy. I felt like I had a giant worm crawling throughout my head. The doctors put me on strong anxiety medication and sleep medication. I had hot burning pains that spread throughout my head like a spider web. Medical Doctors refused to give me a MRI they said it was caused by stress. There was a point where I had not slept for 6 days before I saw doctor Craig. Once I saw Doctor Craig he said "wow you are all jacked up."He gave me an amazing adjustment and he did cranial release therapy on me and I felt significantly better the first day I saw him. I was dealing with this problem of trapped head pressure for four months. I was seeing Dr. Craig three times a week to do adjustments and cranial release therapy and the head pressure kept on getting less and less and I kept on feeling better. Currently I'm not on any more medication. My anxiety was gone and I was able to sleep without any medication after the first couple of visits with Dr. Craig. I'm currently able to drive comfortably through mountains with normal popping of the ears to regulate pressure. I've had normal deep healthy sleep and no anxiety for about three days now and I keep on feeling better every day I see Doctor Craig. He is an amazing,chill,calm, and collected doctor and he makes you feel so comfortable. He has great bed side manner and I would highly recommend him. He is truly a miracle worker. I really thought I was never going to get better but I finally feel hopeful and more healthy every day.

Andrea Sartore 4/17/2016

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