Back Pain Injuries

Back Pain Injuries

Tim H. Santa Cruz CA
I’ve been getting treated for 3 years on a snowboarding injury. I have been to at least 10 practitioners in many different forms of healing (i.e.. massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, PT, naturopathy, etc…) and none of them were able to understand what was going on with my body. Dr. Craig gave the most through diagnosis I have ever received. He has the most knowledge of the human body of anyone I know, and as a massage therapist and TCM student that is saying a lot. I like how he brings East and west together to form a great relationship. Thanks Dr Craig!

Lynn Marie Landry 3/19/2016
I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dr. Craig! He has been working with me for several weeks now. I have had chronic back pain for several years. Which has limited my activities and not allowed me to work in my garden, which I love to do so much. Regular adjustments has enabled me to start gardening more during this fabulous summer weather. Dr. Craig is very knowledgeable, confident and has a gentle way of making adjustments to the spine. I would highly recommend him, especially to anyone who is shy of or new to chiropractic care.

Satsimran Khalsa-
I was having severe back pain after being sick for 2 weeks and it was not getting better no matter how much I stretched it out. After one visit to Dr Craig I was instantly feeling better. He was able to diagnose my troubled areas and remedy them in minutes. I couldn't recommend him more!

Jamie Worthington
I first came to Dr. Eymann a week ago after chronic pain from a motor vehicle accident left me in severe discomfort with no outlook of maintaining long term relief.

I have seen Dr. Eymann a total of 3 times now and every time I leave his office I feel like I have more mobility, less pain and have overall relaxed from the very stubborn tension that seems to relentlessly creep in from the whiplash I suffered almost 4 weeks ago.

I know the road to perfect back health is long for me but I am optimistic and assured that this stop in my travels, will prove effective. After a long list of other treatment options sought out before this incident took place (an accident e year ago kept me searching for massage therapy, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, medical intervention, etc), I feel more secure in knowing that I'm in good hands.

Thank you to the staff and Dr. Eymann. I have high hopes for recovery!!

Joshua Huver 2/13/2016
I was experiancing a progressively worsening pain in my hip starting on a Saturday. By the next Saturday, I was unable to sleep becasue of the pain, and unable to walk or drive. I had to shoot photos at a concert in Petaluma that night.

I called Dr. Eymann around 9:00 AM, and he was able to fit me into his schedule at 10:45. My girlfriend drove me from SC to Petaluma but I was able to drive back and after two return visits, my hip and back feel incredibly better.

I couldn't even walk but two days later I felt amazing. I had never been to a chiropractor before but was desperate and in incredible pain. I'm convinced he's the guy to see!

Tobias Farnsworth
I have been to Craig numerous times over the last 5 years .... I have sought relief from herniated L4 and L5... And neck and shoulder pain from other practitioners including acupuncture.. Chiro... And yoga... But recently had a flare up of sciatica down my right leg and went and saw Craig... Within two days I noticed I no longer had any burning down my left leg ... Craig is the only chiropractor I have seen who can get movement or subluxation out of my lower back which in turn has brought me instant relief... Same goes for my neck... Three weeks ago I had severe neck pain and Craig worked his magic and I was PAIN FREE after leaving his office... YOU TRULEY KNOW YOUR STUFF CRAIG AND THANKS FOR THE PEACE OF MIND THAT COMES WITH A PAIN FREE BODY... Can't put a price on that