Is Nutrition Important?

Is Nutrition Important?

Osgood Schlatter Disease is not actually a disease, but rather an irritation, inflammation and possible avulsion of the insertion of patellar tendon at the growth plate attachment to the tibia (shin bone). 

You will notice a large bump where your patellar tendon attaches to the shin that is very tender to the touch. 

Osgood Schlatter (OS) is a common adolescent sports injury that affects children between the ages of 13 and 16, during a growth spurt. OS is especially prominent in those playing high impact sports such as running and jumping. 


OS is often due to faulty biomechanics from lower extremity asymmetries. By this, I mean misalignments of the one or several of the joints, from the ankle to the hip. Each joint misalignment causes joint instability. Several misalignments complicate the instability further. Instability in joints stresses the muscles and muscle attachments. This stress is most profound at muscle insertions, such as the case in OS. 

Additionally, it is my opinion that these individuals may have a tendency toward nutritional deficiency. They are likely deficient in several basic bone and ligament related minerals and nutrients. I explain this further in my personal story below. 

Is Nutrition Important?

There may also be a nutritional component that doctors have yet to be acknowledged. Nutrition is so important to a growing body, and nutritional deficiencies are more common than people realize. Below is my story...

My story:

In my case, I was admittedly, a Carboholic. In the 1960s, we have yet to learn the damage that was being caused by excessive carbs or anything as the SAD (Standard American Diet). I would rush off to school after a round of pop tarts, or eggs toaster waffles covered with maple syrup, (Aunt Jamima). If I had time I would sit down for a quick bowl of the Breakfast of Champions (with many spoonfuls of sugar), or a bowl of Captain Crunch, cringe.


Consumption of processed carbs does several things to the body, and some of them are as stated below:

As discussed in my Book ZInc: Smart, Strong and Sexy… it depletes the body of an important mineral, Zinc. 

They cause our blood sugar to go on a roller coaster. This roller coaster effect strains the adrenal glands each time it bottoms out. Our adrenals glands consume the high rate of vitamin c in the body. If they are constantly under load, due to excessive carbs, this depletes our vitamin C concentrations. Vitamin C is important for healing soft tissue injuries, which OS is one. This can prolong healing times. 

Zinc, as it is known, is a key mineral in building bones and ligaments. I was most likely deficient in several other vitamins, like whole-food concentrate vitamin C that helps to heal inflamed wounded tissues, which zinc is also known for… 

My office is equipped with key formulations that target the rebuilding ligaments, tendons, bones, and to reduce inflammation. These formulations offer the body the raw material that it needs to rebuild healthy tissue. I use a ligament, bone and tendon formulas called Ligaplex 1, this is loaded with many crucial ingredients targeted to supply acute injuries the substrate material needed to boost the healing process.

With proper help such as soft tissue release, and adjusting the knee as well as the joint above and the joint below), we can offer a quick and safe return to the sport!

Our treatment can reduce the pain to a fraction of the time when compared to rest alone. If you are suffering from Osgood Schlatters, make an appointment at our clinic to discuss your condition or contact us at 831-425-1288 today.

Dr. Craig Eymann will examine the postural and body dynamics, movement patterns of the lower body to determine the proper treatment for Osgood Schlatters.  He uses specialized techniques, to relieve tension, and to correct underlying mechanics and asymmetries. This can shorten both the intensity and duration of of OS. 

Dr. Craig Eymann  

Osgood Schlatter Disease Specialist 

Sports Medicine / Sports Chiropractor 

for Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the Bay Area

While Osgood Schlatters can resolve on its own, once the growth spurt is done, with proper care we can speed the healing time greatly. Your treatment for Osgood Schlatters may include the following:

Chiropractic adjusting, Extremity Adjusting, Graston Technique, Active Release Technique (ART),  Myofascial Release (MFR)

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