Got Foot Pain? Understanding the Foot Adjustment

Got Foot Pain? Understanding the Foot Adjustment

Around 75 percent of Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their life. On average we, walk 6,000-10,000 steps each day, equally well over 1000,000 miles in a lifetime. So you can see that our feet are a vital asset to our health and locomotion and any pain in the feet can drastically affect our lives. 

Each of our foot has 26 bones making a total of 52 bones. This means about one quarter of the bones in our body is in our feet! Additionally each foot has: 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles with multiple tendons. 

  • The feet have over 200,000 sweat glands and excretes about half a pint of moisture daily.
  • It is not “normal” for your feet to hurt!
  • Women have about four times as many foot problems as men; lifelong patterns of wearing high heels often are the culprit.

Much foot pain begins in the forefoot area, because the cuboid bone is in the ball of the foot. This bone is essentially the spoke in a pain wheel, because this bone links to so many other bones in the foot, causing metatarsalgia, or a generalized pain in the foot. In simple terms, an aching foot may be very simple for a chiropractor to address without pills or injections. 

Problems with the lateral malleolus are often an issue as well. If this bone is compromised, it affects the ligaments in the ankle. So, what may have been initially diagnosed as an ankle sprain might actually be a bone fracture, so an ankle sprain treatment regimen will not help the patient at all.

In a similar vein, ankle sprains that do not heal properly lead to a great deal of foot pain. Most people do not understand that a sprain affects not just the ligaments but the bones as well, such as the cuboid, talus, or the calcaneus. 

Foot pain quickly causes problems in other parts of the body, because patients who experience foot discomfort nearly always adjust their gait to compensate. That adjustment might reduce foot discomfort, but it throws the body out of alignment. These problems are usually reversible, but only after considerably more effort.

The main source of Foot Pain

I had found that the majority of foot sufferers have had previous ankle sprains, Ankle sprains are caused from an over twisting of the ankle that is forceful enough to tear the ankle ligaments. Any force that can tear ligaments will also misalign the ankle joint in the very same instant. Sure the ligaments can heal, albeit now with scar tissue. However resulting ankle misalignment, which creates a biomechanical dysfunction is not unusual.  This dysfunction which is often not spotted is rarely addressed but will become an issue down the road. Even a subclinical misalignment only worsens with time, and is often the underlying cause of many foot issues, including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, mortons neuroma, and bunions, to name a few. 

#1: Acute to Chronic: Inflammation, Pain & Arthritis

Acute foot injuries are marked with inflammation and pain. In worse cases, the condition worsens and can become a longstanding issue. This condition is called chronic. Chronic conditions also have inflammation, and often pain. Chronic conditions are also marked with arthritis, a break down of first the cartilage and with time, it also includes bony surfaces of joints that are under pressure or unstable and have become sloppy. 

#2: Favoring

This causes you to favor one particular leg and foot, or to treat it gently, by relying more heavily on the other leg and foot. This habit of favoring can go on from days to months, and in worse enough cases some will refer to their bad leg as the ‘gimpy leg or foot.

#3: Instability

As mentioned, unstable joints are at a higher risk for arthritis, but this instability not only leads to joint destruction but also causes further biomechanic pressure and havoc on the rest of the structure of the foot. Faulty biomechanics are at the core issue here, and the instigator for any other foot injuries. 

My Personal Story

I have personally experienced Metatarsalgia, Mortons neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis each of these at least twice. Like many kids, I played sports and did a lot of jumping on hard asphalt and concrete and my fair share of skateboarding. All of this was done in the main sports shoe of my time which was the converse tennies. They are a terrible excuse for a sports shoe and have little to no support.  

I first trashed my feet while playing basketball during middle school and was a frequent foot pain suffer for many years later. One summer after high school a friend landed me a job on a construction site. For many years as a young man I continued doing construction both part-time, while in school, and later became a Carpenter doing construction full time. 

I was resistant to using the clunky awkward-looking construction boots, so for years I instead wore the cooler tennies, like vans, again offering little to no support. I should also mention that as a Surfer, my shoe of choice was often no shoe at all but a flappy thin piece of light foam known as the ‘Flip Flop. For those of you that dont know, these flip flops offer NO support whatsoever. Like I mentioned earlier I was no stranger to foot pain. 

Skip ahead to my last year in Chiropractic school. I was just fitted for my first pair of corrective orthotics to put into my shoes and I started to get my feet adjusted! My feet for the first time ever were in heaven! 

The reason that foot adjustments work so well is that they begin to realign misaligned bones and relieve jammed joints. This reduces pressure, increases circulation and removes nerve impingement. All of this allows the foot to regain a more proper motion pattern. Imperfect feet can not be made completely perfect BUT when you take these above steps (pun intended) both acute and chronic areas issues along with the associated hot spots, begin to dissolve and dissipate.  

Since then, (20 years ago) I have never had a foot issue that has caused me the pain that I had once was accustomed to. As a Chiropractor  I have honed my adjusting skilled over the last 20 years, having adjusted thousands of feet at that time. 

Foot pain often is the cause of problems in other parts of the body. Patients with foot pain will adjust their gait to compensate for the pain by favoring the foot and leg. Chiropractic adjustments not only reduce foot pain and discomfort but can help align the knees and hips that can also become compromised.

Chiropractic is natural, corrects the root of the problem and without the need of toxic medications, injections, or surgeries. Chiropractic adjustments relieve foot pain and minimize further discomfort and compensations as well.

If you have been having issues with one or both feet, I may be able to help! here are a few testimonials:

Ankle Pain -- Aya Allan-colacicco  6 months ago

Craig is an amazing chiropractor! I've been a dancer for ten years and recently fractured my ankle but wanted to keep dancing. He worked on me and "magically" all my ankle pain went away and I could dance as full out as I was before the injury! He understands athletes and has helped me a lot with little injuries that were weighing me down. 

Foot felt Healed -- Monica B.   San Francisco, CA  4/27/2009

“Dr. Craig is amazing! He healed my foot that was in terrible pain in one visit! I walked in limping and walked out normally and feeling great. I give him 5 stars no problem!! I highly recommend Dr. Craig Eymann.”  

Amazing Chiropractor!!  Foot Pain 75% Better -- Julianne B. Soquel, CA  8/30/2016

I happened to be talking to a friend about my upcoming foot surgery! She told me to go see Dr. Craig as he helps people avoid surgery! I was skeptical but I called him anyway and he fit me in that day! What happened next was unbelievable. 75% of the pain I was experiencing was gone after the first foot adjustment. I could not believe it. I was sold on him after that. Not only is he a great Chiropractor, he is also very kind, accommodating and best of all he's got a great personality.

Thanks Dr. Craig!!    

Dr. Craig is amazing!  -- Cedar Jan 10, 2012

He is very skilled and intuitive with being able to read my body and know exactly what is going on and what needs to be adjusted. I feel very safe and comfortable when he works on me like I am in the hands of a master. There is an instant sense of relief, realignment and a return to balance after each session. I love the combination of deep tissue work along with chiropractic. He even adjusted my foot after an old injury and took away 90% of the discomfort I was feeling. Amazing results!!

Hes the guy that fixes the problem -- Lauren G  3/6/2012

I went to him first for a complicated 5yr old shoulder problem that Dr Craig helped immensely in the first treatment. I went back for an Achilles injury that has been bothering me for several months and it feels better already. Hes a great resource and Im grateful to have found him. 

Foot Pain-- Matthew Brownlee;  a year ago

Dr. Craig is great. I went to see Dr. Craig for my foot pain. I had seen a couple of other doctors in the Santa Cruz area and was not getting much better. After only a few adjustments I am now starting to feel a lot better from seeing Dr Craig. I would highly recommend Dr. Craig for anyone who needs a great chiropractor. He has a very gentle approach. My feet are feeling so much better.

Ankle Pain-- Sarah T; a year ago

Dr. Craig is great. Not only did he help me with my debilitating ankle pain but he also worked with me on price when I needed to come in more regularly. He is very laid back and personable as well as knowledgeable. A true healer in this world

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