Bunion Pain and Chiropractic Research

Bunion Pain and Chiropractic Research

Do you have a problem with bunion pain? Any foot pain and or toe pain can simply ruin your day. I understand this as I have personally had many issues with foot pain. see y other articles for my personal story...

Is there an easy solution for bunion pain? Your solution just might be several adjustments away I have helped any with bunion pain. Dont believe me? Here are a few studies that show promising results:  

Bunion pain decreases 90% with chiropractic manipulation care

2005 by Department of Chiropractic, University of Johannesburg, involved by 30 patients. chiropractic care decrease the pain > 90%. (du Plessis M, et. al., 2011).

Bunion pain decreases by an average of 74% with only 6 chiropractic treatments

2005 study Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles recruited 60 patents those receiving 6 chiropractic treatments had a 74% reduction in pain. (Brantingham JW et. al., 2005) 

I have 20 years experience adjusting feet and relieving foot pain, including bunion pain. Give us a try...!

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    In 1996 I began my Chiropractic training. While in school I taught massage in the evenings. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1999. I quickly added Chiropractic into my practice. My specialties are all musculo-skeletal injuries, spinal health and Sports Chiropractic.