Can Chiropractic help ankle pain?

Can Chiropractic help ankle pain?

One manual therapy treatment cuts acute ankle pain by nearly 40%

A study conducted by the Department of Emergency Medicine, St Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, USA in 2003 proved that by following a single manual therapy from chiropractic care, it can cut you acute ankle pain by nearly 40%. This study was recruited by 55 ankle sprain patients. The effect of chiropractic care on acute ankles was significant. (Eisenhart AW, et. al., 2003) (Page 249).

             “Dr. Craig is amazing! He healed my foot that was in terrible pain in one visit! I walked in limping and walked out normally and feeling great. I give him 5 stars no problem!! I highly recommend Dr. Craig Eymann.”  Monica B.   San Francisco, CA   4/27/2009

Is Chiropractic effective for ankle pain?

Not many would guess that a chiropractic adjustment to an extremity, especially a person with ankle pain, would actually help. However a 2001 study from Durban South Africa thought otherwise, They chose 30 patients for this study. These participants were only to the chiropractic adjustment, and not to seek any other medical care. The results? After 6 treatments of chiropractic, the results showed that these ankle pain patients had a 68% reduction in pain with a 58% increase in ankle mobility. (Pellow JE, et. al., 2001) 

I have adjusted thousand of ankles in the last 20 years, and what surprises me is that everyone has the same response, they fall say they feel so much better! Let me if I can help you. thanks!

Here are some testimonials that others have shared about their experience:

Ankle Pain

Craig is an amazing chiropractor! I've been a dancer for ten years and recently fractured my ankle but wanted to keep dancing. He worked on me and "magically" all my ankle pain went away and I could dance as full out as I was before the injury! He understands athletes and has helped me a lot with little injuries that were weighing me down.

Aya Allan-colacicco / 6 months ago

Manual therapy is an effective treatment for sprained ankles

The study conducted by Evidence in Motion, Louisville, KY, USA in 2009 concluded that manual therapy is effective in patients post inversion ankle sprain. 85 patients were recruited for this study. After 2 treatment sessions of manual therapy and exercise can significantly improve 75% of patients with a sprained ankle. What a difference! (Whitman JM, et. al., 2009)

Ankle Pain 

Dr. Craig is great. Not only did he help me with my debilitating ankle pain but he also worked with me on price when I needed to come in more regularly. He is very laid back and personable as well as knowledgeable. A true healer in this world!    Sarah T    a year ago

Ankle and Shoulder Pain

I threw out my back and Craig got me from being completely bedridden to walking upright within a couple of visits! He is truly a master of his craft! Not only did he realign my spine, but he also gave me exercises and yoga poses to strengthen my core and prevent the same injury from happening again. He has also helped me immensely with an ankle and shoulder injury I had from a car accident a few years back. Craig is a lifesaver and has given me a renewed sense of physical well being that no other chiropractor has ever given me. I would give him 10 stars if it were an option! Aloha!

Michael Chorvat  / 2 years ago

Chronic Right Ankle Pain

I think I was 7 the first time I saw a chiropractor at my grandmothers instance, over the years Ive seen dozens, and Dr. Craig is my favorite so far. Before I stumbled into his office I was seeing one of the most popular chiropractors in San Francisco, and though I felt ok, I was amassing a greater and greater list of problems including chronic pain in my right ankle. I had decided that I was just going to have to suffer from that pain, but after Dr. Craig started working on it and it was gone in a week. I was amazed, and now tell anyone who will listen.

Not only do his adjustments last well, but they take longer than five minutes, which was what I had become accustomed to, my first visit was almost an hour! It is really obvious he is passionate about bodywork and health.

Jessica R. – San Francisco, CA 1/12/2009

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    In 1996 I began my Chiropractic training. While in school I taught massage in the evenings. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1999. I quickly added Chiropractic into my practice. My specialties are all musculo-skeletal injuries, spinal health and Sports Chiropractic.