Who are at risk of developing Hashimoto’s disease?

Who are at risk of developing Hashimoto’s disease?

Thyroid hormones affect every aspect of physiology, impacting all systems of the body. Thyroid hormones regulate vital body functions like heart rate, respiration, temperature, nervous system, metabolism, strength, cholesterol levels, and hormonal cycles.

Every cell in the body has receptors for thyroid hormones.   

Low thyroid could lead to a decrease in metabolism and metabolic rate. However, a problem in one endocrine gland could affect all other glands. 

Common symptoms: Chronic Fatigue, Weight Gain, Depression, Hair Loss, Mood Swings, Muscle & Joint Pain, Insomnia, Infertility. Your Brain, CV, LV, GB, GI are all affected...

Hashimotos disease was discovered in 1912 by Japanese doctor Hashimoto and affects 25 million in the US. Hashimoto's disease is described as an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system attacks your thyroid gland. The immune system is said to make antibodies that attack the thyroid gland. Antibodies then destroy segments of your thyroid, leading to fewer T hormones and hypothyroidism. 


Who are at risk of developing Hashimotos disease?

1 in 5 Americans has a hypothyroid disorder and Hashimotos accounts for 97% of those cases. Women develop Hashimotos 8 times more than men. The most common age group is 40 to 60. 

Medicine does not recognize Hashimotos as a curable disease. There is no medical cure. 

You will be prescribed medications for the rest of your life.  

Your MD only tests for one hormone, TSH… learn why this is not enough!

Hashimotos disease has described as an autoimmune disease, with a faulty immune system attacking your thyroid. Newer evidence questions the validity of this theory.

And what if your Thyroid is actually TOXIC?

Researchers have found environmental chemicals and metals embedded in thyroids of those with Hashimotos. Mercury, cadmium, lead, fluoride, chlorine interfere with iodine metabolism, the main ingredient of thyroid hormones. 

You might be mineral deficient

Plus if you are low on vital minerals guess what? Your body will replace thyroid receptor sites using these toxic metals instead! 

And what about Iodine? Are you deficient? Iodine is antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and need for production of thyroid hormones and immune function. As you can see It is important to find and treat the ALL of the underlying causes of dysfunction... 

But wait researchers have found more…

Has Hashimotos been falsely identified for the last 100 years?

A 2015 Polish study found the Epstein-Barr virus in the thyroid cells of 80% of participants” Control groups had no EBV present in their thyroid cells. 

Your immune system is designed to protect you from bacteria and viruses. It is doing just that! 

Why you need a Functional Medicine Thyroid Specialist: 

There are many factors to consider when looking for the underlying cause(s) of your Hashimotos. Has your immune system gone awry or is it really attacking an EBV virus? Are toxic chemicals/metals embedded in your thyroid, robbing you of iodine? Are you mineral and vitamin deficient? Which other lab tests are needed?

100 Days to a new Thyroid Protocol, to the Rescue

My approach deals with finding and addressing the root causes of your thyroid dysfunction, once and for all. 

Toxic components need to be found and addressed, or you will only be spinning your wheels forever, and never get better, only worse...

I use several labs for that Test for Heavy Metals. This allows us to gauge at what level your immune system and the entire body are compromised. 

These same tests also assess your body's vital minerals content. What is your level of iodine? Are you maxed out or flat-lined and deficient? These tests cover all of the health minerals including the 3 main Thyroid and immune minerals: selenium, zinc, and surprise ... again iodine.  

These same minerals are crucial to combating EBV and any other of the myriad of viruses and pathogens that could be disrupting your immune system and your health. And sure we need to heal the gut, but first, are you even digesting your proteins an minerals, many are not. 

Once your immune system is back on line, you are starting to digest food, along with rebuilding the gut, we need to detox your thyroid, liver, and brain of harmful toxic heavy metals and halogens. 

Lastly we administer powerful antiviral herbs to eradicate the EBV and any other infection, down to minuscule levels. 

When all of these puzzle pieces begin to come into play, your body awakens and you will feel a boost in your energy levels! 

The good news is that once you start on my the program, all of these activities are happening at once!

Participants say they “feel like they have way more energy”. 

Muscle testing:  Although this is not considered a scientific test, I can, at you request, use a muscle testing technique in which we ask your body, which protocol and nutrients it may want to prioritize. 

It is amazing, we rarely listen to our body, but in matters of healing, you might be surprised what it has to say!  Having learned and used these techniques over the years, I am convinced that the body is a very wise consultant in these maters!

100 Days to a new Thyroid Protocol

The problem may be multi-faceted, and complex. Your treatment may include any of the following: 

  • Chemical / Metal Detox for the Thyroid & Liver, 
  • Stealth Pathogen Protocol /  Viral Detox,
  • Nutritional Support: an increase in nutrient density, anti-inflammatory diet, and NRF2 diet

Thyroid Consultations --both in-office or by phone, 

$100 half-hour/$175 hr. Includes a 15% reduction in supplements bought at first visit. 

Heavy Metal and Mineral Hair Analysis. $199.00 

includes 15-minute consultation. 

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