My Story:

My Story:

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), about 15% of Americans suffer from TMJ / TMD pain. Your first thought may be to go see your dentist for these issues as many do. Perhaps you are already using painkillers and are using a bite guard… is that helping? Too often these measures only mask the pain and do little to correct the situation. 

But they do nothing to correct the deeper cause of jaw issues…

Hello, I am Dr. Craig Eymann and I help people resolve the many of the root causes of jaw pain, often called TMJ or TMD. I have been achieving great results with the use of my comprehensive approach.  

But first, you should know that not many Chiropractors or Massage Therapists, Myofascial Release therapists or Rolfers, etc., even work on the jaw. There training is limited and often nonexistent, in this area. 

My Story:

But first my story: I experienced jaw pain for most of my life. Mine stemmed from a head injury (bike jumping face plant) coupled with many years of wearing braces and retainers.  I was no stranger to jaw tension and pain (including associated headaches and migraines). For most of my life, my only relief was over the counter drugs and ice. 

In 1978 I began my course of study of the human body and enrolled in a structural integration (300 hr specialized massage course). In these classes, I learned how to manipulate and stretch fascial tissue, including those within the muscles of the jaw. I soon began the study of this work, in earnest, on myself, and spent hours working on my own jaw. I was my first guinea pig.

In the last 40 years, I went on to study from many of the great teachers in both Facial and Myofascial Release (Ida Rolf, Janet Travel), Cranial Therapy (Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral technique), and the Chiropractic adjusting of the jaw (Activator and Manual techniques).

My Techniques now involves a blend of three different types of treatments; Myofascial Release, Cranial Adjusting, and Chiropractic Adjustments of the Atlas and Mandible (jaw bone). 

Let me explain my reasons for using these 3 types of treatments:

Myofascial Release is a technique that finds and releases muscle spasms within the 4 muscles of the jaw: the Masseter, Lateral and Medial pterygoids, and the Temporalis muscles. Tension in anyone of these 4 muscles affects bite and jaw alignment. By releasing the long-held myofascial tension within these muscles allows your jaw to relax and helps to relax the jaw and to center your bite. 

to learn more about Myofascial release click here:

Cranial Adjusting (and craniosacral) is the ability to gently manipulate and shift the bones of the skull. The main focus is to realign the Sphenoid bone. The Sphenoid lies at the center of the head and is where the base of the brain is attached. Two of the jaw muscles, the pterygoid muscles, attach to the sphenoid. A twisted Sphenoid causes uneven tension in the pterygoids which can affect your bite and cause clicking, and popping more. Cranial adjusting begins to unwind and align the Sphenoid, and the other bones of the cranium, helping to release cranial tension while realigning and repositioning the bite. 

to learn more about Cranial Adjusting click here:

Chiropractic Adjusting of the neck and the jaw has been shown to offer great benefit. Our head is attached to our neck via the Atlas vertebra. The Atlas has muscle attachments that anchor it to the bottom of the cranium in several places. Our head is balanced on top of the Atlas and when Atlas misaligns the head becomes unstable. The muscles extend from the Atlas to become tense and exert pressure and pull on the head and jaw.  

Show me the proof!

A study recently demonstrated that with 8 weeks of Atlas adjustments, 85% of the participants experienced an 85% reduction in jaw pain and all associated dysfunctions. Now that is major news!  

Chiropractic adjustments to the Atlas center your head over your neck and allow the muscles of your neck, head, and jaw to relax, and catch a breath. And that is just one of the three therapies that I offer in each session!

By combining these 3 above techniques, I have created a new standard in treating jaw pain. 

Every TMJ session is personalized, specialized treatment that targets and addresses your specific needs. Each session strips away the layers of tension and quickly reduces pain as they address and correct the many of the root causes of your problem. Your mouth, head, and neck will feel a noticeable difference. 

A recent testimonial:

“Dr.Craig is an amazingly efficient and effective chiropractor, he is a  phenomenal chiropractor who is extremely skilled and kind.  He has assisted in improving the level of my health and well being and has successfully treated TMJ, jaw clenching disorder aka teeth grinding issue while sleeping. This condition seems to be completely alleviated, and healed! As well Dr. Craig has treated aspects of cervical and spinal health, muscular tension, and nutritional imbalances. I certainly recommend him very highly.”  Lynda I. 

What to expect: In the first visit, I will examine your jaw and explain my findings. I then layout a course of treatment for your care, which starts on the first visit. A majority of patients begin to feel release on the very first visit, although your mouth may feel sore for a day. With each successive visit, your mouth and jaw become softer and softer and the bite begins to move toward a more natural alignment. 

It would be my pleasure to share this experience with you!

Thank You, 

Craig Eymann DC

Need more information?

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    In 1996 I began my Chiropractic training. While in school I taught massage in the evenings. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1999. I quickly added Chiropractic into my practice. My specialties are all musculo-skeletal injuries, spinal health and Sports Chiropractic.