Can Chiropractic adjustments help Bunion Pain?

Can Chiropractic adjustments help Bunion Pain?

Bunion pain decreases by an average of 74% with only 6 chiropractic treatments

Do you have problem with bunion pain that ruins your day? It just may be that the solution is several chiropractic adjustments away!. Dont believe? A 2005 research study conducted by Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles, recruited 60 patients and these patients were randomly assigned into 2 groups. The groups who received only 6 chiropractic treatments showed reduction in their pain by 74%.  WOW! 

Having worked on many people with bunion pain, I can also attest to the efficacy of chiropractic in relieving bunion related pain as well as other types of foot related pain syndromes. So if anytime you are having bunion pain, come give me a try! 


(Brantingham JW et. al., 2005) (Page 184)

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