#1: Probiotics help get rid of bad bacteria!

#1: Probiotics help get rid of bad bacteria!

Our bowel movements are 60-80% of dead bacteria. Sort of gross I know, but dont you want that dead bacteria out of there? Probiotics help move the dead bacteria through the intestinal tract and out of the body.  Consider a probiotic supplement to help improve your bowel movements and intestinal motility.

#2: Probiotics help replenish gut bacteria after antibiotics!

Antibiotics wipe out tons of bacteria from the gut. While this is sometimes needed with acute infections, it can leave the body and immune system in disarray. When we take an antibiotic it leaves our gut flora decimated. To help combat this we need to take a probiotic supplement to give or guts good bacteria that were wiped away with antibiotics.

#3: Probiotics help strengthen your immune system!

A recent study showed that probiotic supplementation strengthens the immune function and can help protect against viral infections! This is very important for flu season and if you have young children adding in a kid-friendly probiotic supplement could prevent the occasional cold and flu. Try adding in a probiotic supplement to strengthen your immune system!


#4: Probiotics can help with IBS, Chrons disease, and Heartburn!

Studies have shown that probiotics can be extremely effective in treating various digestive disorders. Our body uses bacteria to help us digest food when this balance is off it can result in various digestive disorders. Adding in a probiotic supplement can clear up these issues naturally without any damaging pharmaceutical drugs.

#5: Probiotics can help with Leaky gut and food allergies.

Probiotics have been shown to be key in treating leaky gut and food allergies. Taking a probiotic supplement can help strengthen the wall of the gut. This helps food allergies by preventing bits of food from leaking outside of the gut. 

If you are dealing with food allergies add in a probiotic supplement to your regimen.

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