1. Huperzine-A

1. Huperzine-A

In todays competitive society our brains must function optimally. Often times even when we are tired, jet lagged, sick, sleep deprived, we need our brains to work as if we had just gotten a night of restful sleep.

Enter Nootropics. Nootropics are substances that give cognitive benefits to the human brain. Some are natural and some are man made. We will be exploring some of the most effective natural Nootropics available and what they do.

1. Huperzine-A

Huperzine-A is a natural nootropic derived from the Chinese Club Moss plant. Studies have confirmed that taking Huperzine A can provide significant enhancement in memory and word recall. Huperzine A helps in providing relief during stress and tension. Huperzine A is also considered to have a calming effect on the human body. People who have disturbed sleep cycles may also find Huperzine A useful. It works by acting as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This means it prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain, acetylcholine is known to be essential for brain health, mood, cognitive function, memory, and more.A fun fact about Huperzine A is that it is also known to enhance users dreams and provide some cool vivid and sometimes lucid dreams! It is an affordable supplement and a great place to start when looking at taking natural Nootropics.

2. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is an extract from the Brahmi plant. According to multiple studies Bacopa is used as a supplement to prevent and mitigate Alzheimers and an effective method in reducing anxiety. Evidence suggests that this natural nootropic is also effective at improving memory and even hand-eye coordination. There have also been some studies that link Bacopa with a reduction in anxiety, insomnia and concentration issues. In one study, 300 mg was given daily to participants for 12 weeks and there were reported improvements in thinking ability and memory. This herb can be used before athletic events, or before cramming for a midterm. It is very well tolerated and higher doses can be used safely.

3. Lions Mane

Lions Mane is an edible mushroom that has been shown to have Nootropic like properties. In one study 750 mg daily gave test subjects a huge boost in their cognitive functionality. Other studies and user reports suggest that this nootropic can offer reduced anxiety and depression. Try Lions Mane if youre looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety and give your mood a boost. You can find mushroom supplement blends with Lions Mane in the ingredients. Medicinal Mushrooms have a wide variety of benefits and are very safe to take.

4. Tryptophan

You are probably most familiar with this essential amino acid because it is in turkey and people believe that it makes them sleepy. However, it is also available in supplement form, and it is most commonly taken as a sleep and relaxation aid. Tryptophan works by increasing the amount of serotonin in your brain.When used for this purpose, it is typically taken three to four times per day for a total of eight to 12 grams. There been studies that show that Tryptophan can improve memory.Tryptophan also aids with deep REM sleep.n allowing you to awaken refreshed. It is affordable and available at any natural food store that sells supplements.

5. L-Theanine

Theanine is found in green tea, however when taken in supplement form it can offer a significant reduction in anxiety. L-Theanine is well researched and very well tolerated. A dose of 100-200mg is common. It doesnt make users drowsy, so it can be taken with a cup of coffee in the morning to provide a smooth focused energy without the jitters that come with caffeine. Studies also show that Theanine can reduce neurodegeneration.Try theanine in the morning after your coffee or at night to help unwind.

Try using one of these Nootropics to see if you like it. Find the best fit for your lifestyle and your goals. If youre having sleep issues look at trying Tryptophan or L-Theanine. If youre looking for a cognitive boost for work or school, try Bacopa or Huperzine-A. There are a wide variety of natural and man made nootropics available however choosing one from this list is a great starting point as they are well researched and safe.

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