Such a Heavy Load

Such a Heavy Load

It's been said that we carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders. It's true, I find that in the vast majority of people, the shoulders hold more tension than any other area. So the question is what part of your world are your caring in your shoulders and how did it get there? Could it be from poor posture, maybe work related habits, a past accident, too much stress, or even emotional issues? The answer is yes.

Such a Heavy Load

First let's look at the baggage you carry. Literally. 

Number one, what you carry on your shoulders stays in your shoulders: Laptops, purses, backpacks take the lead. Next, what you carry in your arms tenses your shoulders: babies, groceries, car seat, etc. Manage your load - keep it light and shift weight from side to side as needed. Plus learn what good posture looks like and feels like in your body. Learn shoulder stretches that diffuse tension and also shoulder exercises to strengthen the weak muscles.

Issues in the Tissues

The study of body psychology reveals that emotions can get stored in and even shape the body. Feelings of disapproval and low self-esteem cause your body to contract inward pulling your shoulders forward and down. Fearful situations cause us to raise our shoulders toward our ears. Why carry the past around with you any longer?

Too Tall?

Tall people often hunch when addressing others and then never fully straighten back up. Don't compromise posture, to look others in the eye widen your stance and slightly bend your knees instead.

Working for a Living

Feel worse after a day of work? Does the thought of going to work? Tension often starts with the commute and continues at the computer. Sit Up Straight! Lean back from your computer screen and center over your shoulders. Ring, ring, never, never and I mean never place the phone on your shoulder and crank your head over to the side. If this is you, get a headset today.

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