Whiplash and the Complications

Whiplash and the Complications

That violent shaking of the head in a MVA happens in a fraction of a second demolishes neck alignment, leading to vertebral degeneration in 7 years, without proper intervention.  Neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, sprains, strains, muscle spasms, swelling, inability to turn head, and stiffness, are common.  Spinal nerves in the neck are often irritated from the insult, resulting in decreased muscle strength, numbness and or tingling into the shoulder, down the arm and into the hands. Although some do not feel pain immediately, symptoms can manifest within weeks and last a lifetime without proper treatment. Approximately 40% do not fully recover, with 11% of those rating their problems as disabling or sever. In fact 45% of all long term neck pain suffers have had a prior motor vehicle accident.

I take whiplash seriously, I have been rear ended and had whiplash, twice myself. Since then, I have attended several whiplash workshops plus a 3 day seminar just devoted to the expert adjustment of the atlas vertebra. When it came time for my own treatment, I sought help from many chiropractors and styles, and researched which technique had the greatest specificity and impact on my whiplash condition.

Healing the neck after a whiplash is a process. My treatment protocol is multifaceted and complete: we treat and repair the soft tissue muscle spasms with focused medical massage, vertebral damage with chiropractic adjustments to recreate alignment and relieve pressure off irritated nerves, then recreate neck curve and strengthen the musculature to help hold everything together. Our attention to detail during your healing process ensures that you get the best outcome. Most of our patients begin feeling better in the first few visits. I am available to talk to you about your accident no matter what stage of injury or healing that you are at, feel free to give me a call.

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    In 1996 I began my Chiropractic training. While in school I taught massage in the evenings. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1999. I quickly added Chiropractic into my practice. My specialties are all musculo-skeletal injuries, spinal health and Sports Chiropractic.