10 benefits of drinking Red Wine

10 benefits of drinking Red Wine

Red Wine is enjoyed daily around the world by many, with their meals or by itself. Although it is an alcoholic beverage, it has very good health benefits from promoting better heart health to aiding in weight loss. Red wine is cited to have first been grown in part of Europe and across the Mediterranean as far back as 6000 BC. (Team 2009). Red wine sometimes known as the drink of Gods has fueled the passion of many dynasties and is noted as having healing properties, imparting those who drink it, a greater quality of health. In more modern times it has been extensively tested and the findings are astounding (Olka 2015). Many researches have now discovered that there are in fact many health benefits correlated with the moderate drinking of red wine. Women should have a 1 glass a day and men 1 to 2 glasses.

10 benefits of drinking Red Wine.

1. boosting the bodys immune system

Red Wine has components that help the body to counteract illnesses and functions as an

antioxidant byboosting the bodys immune system protecting us from debilitating diseases. The antioxidants in red wine have been proven to increase levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol in the blood, what this does is over time reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

2. protects the heart

Another benefit of drinking red wine is that itprotects the heart . Antioxidants specifically, one of the polyphenols in Red Wine called resveratrol have shown promise of helping heart disease sufferers buy making vessels flexible and reducing plaque buildup in arteries. Resveratrol (Saremi and al 2008) helps the body fight against heart disease by protecting the lining of blood vessels in the heart. This particular component has gotten much attention because of what it is capable of doing.

3. able to increase HDL

Other than the ability of red wine beingable to increase HDL , it also reduced Low density Lipoprotein (LDL) in the blood which is the bad cholesterol. Moderation is important as excessive drinking damages the heart.

4. anti-inflammatory

Red Wine also hasanti-inflammatory effects especially around the vessels of the heart. There is research about resveratrol being able to reduce the risk of inflammation and also the clotting of blood. The effect the polyphenols have on the heart has shown to reduce the risk of heart disease in drinkers when compared to non-drinkers. (Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs 2015)

5. prevents the development of cancer

Another benefit of drinking Red Wine for persons who drink a moderate amount is that

6. prevents the development of cancer.Red wine reduces the occurrence of ulcers in the colon that develop into cancer of the colon. (Nordqvist 2012). Resveratrol stops the protein compound feeding cancer prone cells essential making them starve to death. Quercetin, another antioxidant in Red Wine has shown to work against cancer cells in the body making the likelihood of developing the chronic disease less frequent. The damage to cancer developing cells inhibits the disease from becoming full blown in most cases especially with colon cancer.

7. aids in weight loss

Drinking Red Wine alsoaids in weight loss particularly around the midsection. Chemical compounds in our body break down resveratrol that prevents the growth of fat cells. It also works by improving physical performance, mimicking activities in the blood as if you went to the gym.

8. lowering the risk of strokes

Drinking Red wine also has benefits oflowering the risk of strokes . Red wines has a component that gives the grapes their color called procyanidins is responsible for helping the heart to fight of heart diseases that may lead to a stroke.

9. protects the brain

The antioxidants in Red Wineprotects the brain against mental illness like Alzheimers disease. Resveratrol slows down health conditions that usually occurs with age as well as protect cells from being damaged and moderate drinkers protect their brain as they age from being affected from rapid decline leading to Dementia.

10. increases the life expectancy

Red Wine alsoincreases the life expectancy of a person who drinks Red Wine. They have a thirty-four percent lower mortality rate than that of those who drink vodka and beer. (Holahan Ph. D, North Ph. D and al n.d.)

Research for the wine is still on-going and some of the benefits are very astonishing thus far, while it can be correlated with the actual grapes used to make the wine, the research still has to validate the if the alcohol has any effect at all on how the antioxidants and polyphenols work as well as they do. It will be interesting to see.


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