For a Cold or Flu use Vitamin D

For a Cold or Flu use Vitamin D

Clinical studies now show that if you are deficient in vitamin D your immune system will be suffer. You will have a 40% greater incident of colds, flu, and other upper respiratory infections. The best Flu Remedy is not the flu shoot after all, but the flu pill, which is simply vitamin D. Turns out sunshine is good for you, in small everyday doses by stimulating the body to produce its own vitamin D. Trouble is that during the cloudy, cold winter months the vast majority of us are just not getting enough sunshine in our day. Consequentially most of us are vitamin D deficient and therefore susceptible to contracting any respiratory infections that comes rolling through town.

The recommended dose is 5,000 daily for an adult and this is just the maintenance dose to keep you from going into deficiency each day. If you miss a day you will need to double up the next. Just starting? Studies show it's safe to initially double the dose vitamin D to help boost your blood levels up to a proper saturation. There are no set guidelines for this but trials participants administered levels over 4-5k daily, performed best. A blood test is the definitive way to measure your levels of D. Your family MD or I can order a blood test to check your levels.

Want to get rid of a cold or the flu? Dr. John Cannell, founder of the Vitamin D Council. His recommendation is 2,000 units per kilogram of body weight (one pound is 0.45 kg), for three days. So basically take 1000 units vitamin D/ lb of body weight for 3 days. Dr Cannel has been administering this dose level, very successfully for a number of years. There you have it folks, skip the shoot and get some vitamin D today!

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