Are You Toxic?  Craig Eymann DC October 2003

Are You Toxic?  Craig Eymann DC October 2003

This is a copy of an article that I wrote for a National Magazine, however the article was turned down by the publisher. Be prepared to be disgusted and even outraged… Enjoy!

Stop, hold your breath, you may be standing in a stew of toxic chemicals. WIth little consideration to public health, industries have manufactured mountains and mountains of toxic laden chemicals in the last 50 years. Your carpet, drapes, bedding, kitchen and bathroom are loaded with this stuff. The US EPA considers indoor pollution to be 100 times more concentrated than outdoor. The volatile fumes these compounds exude is a chemistry experiment in toxicity: formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, styrene, with us as the guinea pigs. Aerosol sprays and air fresheners are obviously suspect, but so is the gassing from the varnish on your floor cabinets and the paint on your walls. The flame retardant material in your kids pajamas, your bedding and pillows, is now found in high concentrations in breast milk! Breast milk further contains phthalates and dioxins from plastic at toxic levels, yummy. Talk about product longevity! These products have become part of the food chain and saturate our tissues daily with an onslaught of ubiquitous toxic fumes. 

Ready to step outside for a breath of fresh air? Well suit up first, the US alone releases over 6 billion pounds of chemicals into the environment yearly, so wear protection. All this talk of pollution make you hungry? Well toss your Teflon utensils. Toxic fumes from Teflon kills pet birds and creates ‘polymer fever in owners when left on high over 5 minutes. Cooking in aluminum? Studies link this heavy metal to Alzheimer's and possibly Parkinson's disease. Thirsty? Perchlorate has seeped into the water supply of 18 states and the Colorado River due to poor storage of rocket fuel. A cause of hypothyroidism. Warning for pregnant mothers to not eat the lettuce from Imperial Valley, thanks to the US Defense Dept.
Maybe some quality time with your partner will ease your troubles. But wait infertility is on the rise as sperm count and motility drops with increased plastic phthalate levels in men. Phthalates are also found in Jrs. plastic teething toy, get rid of them. Beware of plastic toys, they can leach out lead as well, often used as a stabilizer. Plus check that your childs vaccines are Thimerosal free. This vaccine preservative is mercury based at levels considered toxic to adults. The symptoms mimic autism, or is it that autism mimics mercury poisoning? Are you angry yet? Want to do something about it? Better wash your hands first as the paper your reading from may contain the toxin dioxin.

More than ever before people are experiencing a slew of insidious symptoms from allergies to hormonal problems, infertility, various autoimmune diseases and much more. Volatile compounds bombarded our nervous systems and overload the immune system daily. Many compounds mimic hormones while others attach brain neurons affecting memory and intelligence. The result: you feel terrible, cant remember when you didnt and havent a clue how to resolve the situation.

In a recent study by the Environmental Working Group, BodyBurden, nine participants were measured for toxic pollutants. Each person on average harbored 53 carcinogens. News commentator Bill Moyers had 84 contaminants. All of the 167 environmental toxins were shared amongst the nine participants. The future is here and looking bleak. The time to respond to this madness is now.

News flash just in: Teflons C-8 chemical is found in your non iron pants, shirts, Gore-tex parkas and Scotchguarded fabrics is also found in 19 out of 20 children tested. The product has been saturating your milk and blood for years (which should be boiling by now). Just as the manufacture suggests about its popular C-8 products “there everywhere!”. C-8 is now poised to overthrow dioxin as the most persistent chemical ever which “does not degrade…” 

As you can see that back in the year 2003 we were closing in on a disaster of epic proportions, and even though 15 years have gone by not much has changed. Things have only gotten worse. What was not yet prominent at that time was the effects of GMOs and gluten.

I will be discussing in future articles what and how we can begin to eradicate these toxins from your cells, organs and boies, so readers stay tuned for future posts…

Dr Craig Eymann Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist

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