Antibiotics effect on mercury excretion

Antibiotics effect on mercury excretion

There are numerous studies, spanning several decades, in which high levels of heavy metals are found in autistic spectrum disorder children, ASD. Mercury and lead top the list. Additionally, ASD children are found to have low levels of essential minerals. Low levels of iodine, zinc, and manganese have been indicated, with other studies finding low levels of lithium, iodine, and potassium as being low.   

Many of these studies use hair analysis as the method of detection for both heavy metals and mineral content. Hari analysis examines the tissue level, meaning what was found absorbed in the cell versus floating in the bloodstream. 

Likewise there is discussion that ASD children may lack the ability to process these heavy metals and remove these heavy metals as easy as the rest of us. This centers around the processing power of the liver or the lack thereof. The 2 phases of detoxification, and dependant on essential nutrition and lacking such nutrition there is incomplete detoxification. 

As an example, sulfur is needed for phase 2 liver detox and if we are deficient the liver will have trouble detoxing the metabolites completing phase one detox. Phase one detox without phase 2 only makes matters worse as toxic materials have been made water-soluble and at his point are even more toxic to the system. This is one issue. The other issue is that the liver may be loaded by the sheer volume or load of heavy metals and toxic compounds in cases of vaccine adjunctives.

The following is an excerpt from an article: The relationship between mercury and autism: A comprehensive review and discussion

"Many neurotoxicants, and particularly mercury, are sequestered or detoxified by cellular thiols (organo-sulfur compound that contains a carbon-bonded sulfhydryl group, such as glutathione) and thiol availability is known to be limited in ASD making this population of individuals more susceptible to toxicants. For example, Chauhan et al. [83]reported that in cerebellum and temporal cortex samples from subjects with ASD, glutathione levels were significantly decreased. 

Several other studies show that children diagnosed with an ASD have abnormal sulfation chemistry, limited thiol availability, and decreased glutathione (GSH) reserve capacity, with a resulting and subsequent compromised oxidation/reduction (redox) and detoxification capacity [81], [87], [88] and a concomitant vulnerability to brain insult [78]."

Antibiotics effect on mercury excretion

It has also been noted that antibiotic use significantly lowers the body's ability to excrete mercury. We also know that antibiotic use destroys our gut flora or microbiome. What role the microbiome may play in clearing heavy metals has not, to my knowledge been researched, thus far. It is known that gastrointestinal disorders are common in autistic children. 

Vaccination Reaction? 

Parents know their children best. When there is a vaccination reaction, many think there is little to no recourse. It is heart-wrenching to hear parents share their stories of how their child changed after receiving a particular vaccination. Few know that there is a special court set up to address these vaccination-related issues. Unfortunately, many parents are never told that the courts exist. 

Merick MMR vaccine lawsuits

The most implicated vaccine with a link to ASD is the MMR vaccine. It has been leaked that the CDC committed perjury on the American people. The scientist heading the 2004 study validating the safety of the MMR vaccine, blew the whistle, claiming CDC officials had him alter the report and publish falsifying data. They omitted publishing the correct data that showing that MMR vaccine had potential harm. To hear his omission of the account and more, I direct you to the movie VAXXED. and for a more recent update on Meriks court proceedings click:

This law firm has successfully represented over a 500 cases of vaccination reaction:

If you have an autistic child

These many studies state that your autistic child is most likely dealing with complications of heavy metals toxicity, (causing neuroinflammation of the brains microglia). Mercury, lead, and manganese are the most indicated. Likewise, it is most likely that your child is low in several essential minerals. Heavy metal and mineral analysis is a quick lab test that determines underlying heavy metal contaminations and spots most mineral deficiencies. Knowing these factors gives us a clear indication for a course of action and offers an opportunity to make a change in your childs health and behavior.

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