Foot Injuries

Foot Injuries

Dr. Craig is amazing! As a massage therapist myself, I greatly appreciate his approach, every adjustment is catered to my body and its ever changing needs. He has been working on a variety of ailments; a foot, a shoulder, some ribs, my neck and clavicle.. 15 minutes with Craig and I am feeling GREAT!
Kaitlyn Kusske, CA 4/23/2015

Dr. Craig is amazing! He healed my foot that was in terrible pain in one visit! I walked in limping and walked out normally and feeling great. I give him 5 stars no problem!! I highly recommend Dr. Craig Eymann.
Monica B. San Francisco, CA 4/27/2009

As lifelong athlete; runner, skier, surfer and dancer I have several old injuries which appear to have destabilized my bones and joints causing my hips, knee, foot, ankle and even toes to hurt. I have seen several chiropractors for my persistent lower back pain, and while I found some relief from those adjustments, it has been Dr. Craig's treatment of my extremities; knees, ankles and feet, together with my spine, that has been the most effective treatment. It was truly a relief for me to find a chiropractor that works on my whole body. In addition to Dr. Craig's ability to address your extremities as well as your spine, he is also a deep tissue massage therapist as well as a man of spiritual grace and wisdom. Dr. Craig's is more than a Chiropractor, he is a healer. Go see him.
Cynthia. - 1/24/2012

I think I was 7 the first time I saw a chiropractor at my grandmother's instance, over the years I've seen dozens, and Dr Craig is my favorite so far. Before I stumbled into his office I was seeing one of the most popular chiropractors in San Francisco, and though I felt ok, I was amassing a greater and greater list of problems including chronic pain in my right ankle. I had decided that I was just going to have to suffer with that pain, but after Dr. Craig started working on it it was gone in a week. I was amazed, and now tell anyone who will listen.

Not only do his adjustments last well, but they take longer than five minutes, which was what I had become accustomed to, my first visit was almost an hour! It is really obvious he is passionate about body work and health.
Jessica R. - San Francisco, CA 1/12/2009

Dr. Craig is amazing! He is very skilled and intuitive with being able to read my body and know exactly what is going on and what needs to be adjusted. I feel very safe and comfortable when he works on me like I am in the hands of a master. There is an instant sense of relief, realignment and a return to balance after each session. I love the combination of deep tissue work along with chiropractic. He even adjusted my foot after an old injury and took away 90% of the discomfort I was feeling. Amazing results!!
Cedar ‎ - Jan 10, 2012

He's the guy that fixes the problem. I went to him first for a complicated 5yr old shoulder problem that Dr Craig helped immensely in the first treatment. I went back for an Achilles injury that has been bothering me for several months and it feels better already. He's a great resource and I'm grateful to have found him.
LaurenG ‎ - 3/6/2012

I had been a patient of Dr. Cindy Ward across the street for several years and she sold her practice to Dr. Eymann and he's been just great. I've been having a lot of pain for years with my back, neck, knees and feet and he worked on my left knee for 15 minutes and that pain has been gone a week. I felt better than i have in a long time, and I highly recommend this doctor.
Stu S. - San Francisco, CA, 8/26/2008