Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Func·tion·al med·i·cine

noun: functional medicine; plural noun: functional medicines

  1. medical practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine.
  2. "you don't have to have a disease to benefit from functional medicine"

“The common medical approach is to take your list of symptoms and fit them into a diagnosis that can easily be linked to a medication or treatment.  While this medical model has been successful in many emergency cases, it fails short with the chronic diseases that affect over 125 million Americans.”

Functional Medicine is a science based approach based on the latest research and thousands of studies, not outdated and sometimes dangerous medical concepts. FM recognizes that you are not a slave to your genes. Instead your health is controlled by your diet and lifestyle choices. Each of us is biochemically unique and the quest is to find how to best support your individual healing processes.

Functional Medicine looks for the root cause or mechanism causing you dysfunction. Functional Medicine works with your genome and epigenetics using nutrition, herbs and therapies to stimulate and activate your good genes. We respect your body and healing process and rather than attacking body and disease with more toxic substances.

I take this a step further and practice Functional Nutrition.

Functional Nutrition is based on the concepts that we are what we eat. Most if not all ailments stem from either a deficiency of proper nutrients, i.e. minerals vitamins, enzymes, or from the accumulation of toxicity. Like your car, our cells can only function properly when fed the proper fuel. Conversely, sludge in your oil can overheat your car resulting in a breakdown. Likewise the consumption of pesticides and processed foods causes systemic inflammation that affects each organ from the brain to the liver. This  combination of deficiency and toxicity offset delicate hormone balance in the pancreas, thyroid, adrenals and more. Poor digestion, bloating, foggy brain, sleeplessness, lack of energy constipation, or diarrhea, loss of libido and weight gain are the early signs.

You may not need more medicine after all, just better fuel and an oil change.

Often the best way to overhaul your condition and release the sludge, is to start with a 10 day cleanse. My 10 day cleanse has 70 plus ingredients that includes whole food that are geared to stimulate your own bodies antioxidants and includes herbals formulas that stimulate your the 2 phase detox of your liver, kidney and bowels and will help to heal the stomach, rest the pancreas, and heal and moisten the lining of the small intestine and large intestine. Included in this detox package are herbs to tone down your sugar cravings as well. See 10 & 21 days cleanse for more information and a list of ingredients.