Neck Pain & Injuries

Neck Pain & Injuries

Laurie C. San Jose

My neck has been tense for the past 43 years due to a neck surgery. After one session with you my neck is completely relaxed for the first time. It's been one month and my neck is still relaxed. I'm sleeping better and my headaches are less intense.

Terri Matthews 5/15/2016

I have had adjustments by Chiropractors before, however Dr. Eymann was really able to address my neck and back problems. He listens well, communicates what he plans to do and why. Then he evaluates the body as a whole to see how pain in one area is affected by others. I also enjoy his sense of humor and intuitive nature. I strongly recommend Craig for those seeking help!

Adolfo XY 2/2/2016

I initially went to see Dr. Eymann after experiencing an accident that injured my back in a foreign country. Dr. was able to effectively address my injury and also treat the causes that create so many Migraines for me since childhood . I stand 6'3" and Dr. Eymann was able to able to effortlessly treat my large frame body. Thank You Dr. Eymann for the through diagnosis and treatment!

Tom Mcelroy-Wild Survival 02/19/2016

Craig is great! He checked my spine, explained exactly what was bothering me without me telling him and after the adjustment the pain in my neck was gone. Such a great feeling. His prices are the best in town.

Ary Johnson 3/13/2016

I am a new patient of Dr. Craig's, and am very pleased with the results I have experienced. I am a life-long chiropractic patient whose prior doctor retired recently. I appreciate his professionalism and skills, which have alleviated my back and neck pain. I recommend him to anyone who suffers from pain due to an unaligned spine. After an adjustment by Dr. Craig, my pain subsided and I was able to heal faster. My search for a new chiropractor is over

Carla Darson. 10/10/2016

Dr. Eymann is truly a miracle worker! Just went in today with a bad case of torticollis and after his adjustments I found myself instantly relieved from the pain and strain I had endured for 24 hours. He was also able to adjust other problem areas, especially my vastus lateralis muscle, which has been in chronic pain for the last 2 years. After his adjustments, I found myself in shock and disbelief as the pain in my lateralis muscle is nearly gone. Dr. Eymann is very knowledgeable and delivers amazing results. So happy to have found him!

John and Jen E. 10/4/2011

I slept a little funny one night recently and woke up with my neck feeling "out". Over the next few days it really started to bother me so I knew I needed to get in to have an adjustment. Dr. Craig had me in the same morning I called and got right to work. I really appreciated that he spared me the "new patient" treatment that you tend to get elsewhere. No long speeches about the benefits of chiropractic, no hard-sell on long-term treatment plans, and (since my condition was fairly simple and not injury or accident related) no messing with x-rays. Several years ago, I was a "new patient" at another clinic and they had me watch a 10-minute movie on chiropractic care before treating me. Seriously? None of that nonsense with DR. Craig. He clearly cares about providing care for his patients and it shows. I highly recommend you give him a try.

Keri. C. 7/29/2009

Dr. Craig is awesome! I've been seeing Dr. Craig for almost 2 years and his adjustments help keep my back and neck moving the way they should after all the punishment i put my body throught. He knows his stuff!

Douglas S. 9/15/2010

My visit to Dr Craig was my first treatment by a chiropractor. I really liked the way he explains issues using graphical charts and drawings of my posture. My neck and shoulder issues were fixed after an adjustment relieved the strain on my neck. The Dr. also explained how to improve my posture and keep my muscles relaxed. His office is conveniently located and easy to park. He is an easy-going person and makes you feel comfortable and takes time to answer all questions. I would recommend a visit for sure!

John H. 9/14/2010

I have had back and neck pain from injuries for years and was told to stop doing the sports I love and have been doing for years. I went to see Dr Craig and am almost completely pain free now. I can't recommend him enough. I feel great.

Roy ‎ - Mar 3, 2012

Why do you think Eymann Craig DC is best ever? Share a tip. From Pain to Nirvana with one treatment! I had been surfing 18 foot waves at middle peak Santa Cruz CA and did a big air drop and the wave drove my body sideways into my board so hard that I was seeing dots. The next day I could barely walk. The incredible Dr Craig had give me his card at the Steamers Lane, 6 months prior, so I called him up with serious injuries to my neck and back. He said come right in. When I got there he was very friendly, personable and caring. He has all of these amazing modern chiropractic tools, no chiropractor I've ever seen ever had. Drop table, pulsating tapping tools, plus his educated hands on body treatment. I couldn't believe it, I walked out of his office with a BRAND NEW BODY! It was amazing, and hour later I was surfing 15 foot waves again, at the same place I got hurt, but a little more carefully. Thanks Dr Craig, and I'll be looking for you after my next serious wipe out, Aloha Bra!

Nick ‎ - Dec 16, 2011

How can I ever thank you enough? I suffered low back pain, sciatica, and a stiff neck for years. I was at the point where I could not tie my own shoes- not fun! Thank you Craig, for your intuitive touch, and magical hands. My daily concerns are no longer "daily concerns" that limit my quality of life. I go for tune-ups now, but I am out of the chronic pain mode. THANK YOU! I will continue to tell people about you everyday.